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Heat protection tapes or thermal tapes find application in a variety of industrial and domestic segments. These tapes are also made out of different materials, varying thicknesses as well as widths to address specific end uses. Most heat protection tapes also play a dual role by working as an insulator from electrical current when these tapes are chosen correctly with regard to specific applications. Importantly, all heat protection tapes are not made alike and therefore it is essential to understand the proper rating and application techniques for specific needs.

Where is Heat Protection Tapes Used?

High temperature systems, tapes and fabrics are employed in heat shielding, fire protection and thermal insulation on automobiles, aircrafts, heavy machinery, agricultural equipment etc.

Automotive heat shields such as heat barriers and aluminized tapes are useful in reflecting heat from hoses, fuel lines, vehicle interior and other components to improve performance as well as efficiency. Heat resistant tapes or customized insulation blankets are also employed in thermal insulation for improving fuel efficiency as well as operational performance in addition to protecting the vehicle operators from surfaces that tend to get hot.

Heat protection tapes and systems are also available as off-the shelf products or custom made for a range of applications. In the aviation sector, fire containment systems and fire resistant fabrics are employed in ground as well as air transport for preventing spread of fire resulting from hazardous cargo such as flammable chemicals, Lithium-Ion batteries or other undeclared goods. Containment systems for fire can also include containment covers for pallets, covers for IBCs or intermediate bulk containers and fire containment bags for laptops.

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Koolwrap is a wholly Australian manufacturer and supplier for a wide range of heat protection tapes and systems for a wide range of applications. Their products are well accepted by a cross-section of users and are backed by over 2 decades of experience serving Australian customers.

Automotive floor mats help in controlling heat as well as sound, heat shields for the same application protects hoses, wires, starters, mufflers and other parts of a car from radiant heat. A wide range of other products are also available for varying applications in both the automobile and aviation sectors

Heat Protection Tapes are Offered in Different Colours, Materials and Types

Before you start shopping for heat protection tapes, you should also know that these are offered in varying colours, types and materials. Each of these variations has specific applications and it is essential that you align your specific needs with the products. A quick guide to these variants is:-

PVC heat protection tapes – This is similar compared to vinyl tapes and find use in a wide range of situations. Vinyl and PVC are regarded as ‘balanced’ tapes suitable for varying applications and the high-temperature properties are comparable. But, for low temperature applications, PVC constitutes a better option and particularly so when adverse environment such as abrasion, corrosion and weather are a major concern. PVC is also rugged and therefore better suited in outdoor applications.

Cloth Heat Protection Tapes

Generally, heat protection tapes for electrical applications are not offered in cloth since the environments where they are deployed have strong electric properties and therefore not suited for applications where electrical insulation is critical. However, cloth heat protection properties offer strong mechanical properties making them a choice flexible hybrid that is better suited in fixes and repairs. Therefore, these tapes are generally used in combination with other variants for enhancing conductive and temperature resistance.

Rubber Heat Protection Tapes

There are several sub types of rubber heat protection tapes that are better suited for rugged environments, cable jacketing and repairs such as in industrial manufacturing units and construction sites.

Glass Cloth Heat Protection Tapes

This type of tapes is a combination of reinforced glass fibre and polyester film. They are handy in situations where the temperature is in the range of 130 and 200 degrees Celsius.  Being mechanically pretty tough and very durable and resists edge-tear and cut through. Typically these tapes find deployment in power supply for over controls and furnaces.

Are Heat Protection Tapes Flammable?

When you choose a reputed brand of heat protection tape, flammability is a lesser concern since they can withstand upto 800C temperature. But if these tapes are used in significantly higher temperature environments, flammability will indeed be a concern. If used sensibly, chances of combustion peg very low, particularly in applications where they are recommended. Another factor is that advanced heat protection properties are available with modern day insulating tapes where suitable materials are used in their construction.

Heat Sink Tapes

Heat sink tapes or thermal heat sink tapes are thinly formed thermal tapes that offer high adhesion and bonding strength, efficient dissipation of heat, and shock absorption in a variety of applications like thermal management and LED lighting applications. They also offer excellent reliability over a long term, flame retardant as well as electrical insulation properties. You can also choose from varied thicknesses for extremely challenging applications.

Thermal Pads

Thermal pads are available in acrylic and silicone formulations. Thermal pads are comfortable and soft so as to give optimal wet out for efficient heat transfer as well as vibration damping for most challenging thermal applications like in LED and in assembling consumer electronic devices.

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